At Barry McArdle, DMD, We value our patients' experience. Read below what our happy clients say about us!

  • "Exemplary, professional but still friendly and relaxed. I have been a client for over 20 years. Dr. McArdle has always had my best interest at heart and when advising treatment, gives a full evaluation of why with x-rays, films and photos. His care is remarkable. Over the years, he has established a team of warm and thoughtful personnel."
    Anne C.
  • "I have never had a better experience with any dental office, and I have enjoyed good treatment for six decades. All of the staff and Dr. McArdle are professional, friendly and informative. The offices are extremely pleasant and seemingly state-of-the-art. I would recommend them highly to anyone."
    Kenneth Butler
  • "Everyone was friendly, well-informed, and compassionate. I appreciated the time taken to help me understand not only what my cracked tooth needed, but also what the cost would be and when it was due. By far the most helpful and informative office I've been to in quite a while, and I'm happy to have found a great dentist!"
    Randi K.
  • "Everyone is so friendly and nice. I have never felt any pain not even once and I have had a lot of work done. I used to fear going to the dentist. Thank you for performing pain free work."
    Dennis C.
  • "Absolutely Professional, Great Service, and Attention to Detail! This was my third appointment with Dr Barry and his staff. I had never had a dentist check for signs of oral cancer or TMJ before going to his office. They are clean and absolutely professional, as well as helpful in getting me set up with the Smart Smiles Program and Care Credit to help make it affordable. Highly recommend."
    Jason N.
  • "Best dentist I have been to and is always friendly. Dr. McArdle does very good work and I never feel a thing when in the chair."
    Dean H.
  • "Always an excellent experience for our family. I am usually very anxious about going to the dentist. My entire family has moved to Dr. McArdle's practice and we could not be happier! The office staff is very friendly and efficient. The hygienists are excellent and really have worked to ease my anxiety. I am no longer fearful of the dentist. Dr McArdle is wonderful and has a top notch practice. I would highly recommend him!"
    Kathy T.
  • "Always thorough and professional. I am always impressed by the thoroughness of my appointments. All details and concerns are addressed and annotated so that when I return for my next appointment I am always asked how it is going with such and such that I mentioned on my last visit. This is consistent in all visits including the extremely professional routine cleaning visits."
    Bob L.
  • "I have been a patient of Dr McArdle since before he opened his practice in Portsmouth. This was many, many years ago and I continue to be very pleased with the quality of care provided by him and his staff. Highly recommended!"
    Ron P.
  • "The Best! Dr. McArdle is one of the finest Dentist's. I've been going to Dr. McArdle for a few years now. Clean, no waiting & always professional. His Office staff is AWESOME! I refer anyone and everyone that needs dental work to him. He is the ONLY dentist I will go to."
    Laurie B.
  • "Best dentist in N.H. Out of all the dentists I've been to, this one is the best. Everyone goes out of their way to make me feel comfortable and they are very accommodating. If you aren't a regular patient here, you should be. ...mic-drop."
    John J.
  • "Prompt, professional, and worth every penny. I recently had a cracked tooth repaired at Dr. McArdle's office. The first visit consisted of x-rays and the most thorough exam I've ever had at any dentist office before. The following visits resulted in my tooth being repaired with a crown that looks as natural as my other teeth, the pain is gone, and I have the ability to chew on that side again! Dr.McArdle and his staff are very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. I will be returning to them for future visits, and would gladly recommend Dr. McArdle to anyone with dental needs."
    John L.
  • "Excellent care and attention to detail. Had a routine cleaning visit. This time I had x-rays as well. Always practicing the latest and greatest health measures -- I got my blood pressure checked, an oral and throat cancer screening -- by the dental hygienist and the dentist. I have friends who are dental hygienists and they are impressed as well by the quality of care at this office. I'm a very satisfied client."
    Bernice B.
  • "Dr. McArdle gives me ample time to ask many, many questions. He gives concise and carefully thoughtful answers that show he respects me and wants me to understand. He never talks over me, nor does he chide me for any flawed logic or off-the-wall questions I might have. He is very patient when repeating things. I feel more like a visitor whom he is glad to see than a patient with a problem. I am more than just another mouth in his practice. The most amazing thing is that everything I just wrote about Dr. McArdle can be said about every member of his team."

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