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Your teeth need fluoride. A tooth’s enamel layer is made up of minerals and is constantly in the process of losing and adding mineral material from its surface. Mineral loss comes from the acids formed from plaque, bacteria and sugars; minerals are added through our food and water. If more minerals are lost than added, tooth enamel doesn’t have what it needs to repair itself, leading to tooth decay. Enter fluoride, a mineral that occurs naturally in many foods and water. It is a dental hero, building enamel, disrupting destructive acids, and reversing early decay. In children, it is a vital component in forming permanent teeth. Fluoride may not be available in your water supply especially in our beautiful, largely rural, state of NH; identifying and addressing any fluoride deficiency is a basic dental care component for children and adults.  We offer specialized fluoride treatments that are applied directly to the tooth’s surface for longer lasting protection. We can also prescribe fluoride supplements for treatment of fluoride deficiency at home.

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