Cosmetic & Esthetic Dentistry

Cosmetic and Esthetic Dentistry is about much more than our surface appearance. Just as there are physical costs to untreated dental issues, there are emotional and social costs to unaddressed smile issues. When our smile doesn’t accurately reflect how we want to see ourselves, the negative toll can extend beyond self-confidence to our social and professional relationships.

In fact, according to an AACD (American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry) survey, a full 99.7% of all adults believe their smile is an important social asset. Almost everyone can benefit from the confidence and potentially health-boosting results of investing in one of our key personal assets – a beautiful smile.

As an expert in cosmetic and esthetic dentistry, Dr. McArdle will partner with you to design the best treatment plan for you and your needs.

Teeth Whitening

Tooth whitening can be an excellent first step in improving your smile. Most adults experience at least some unwanted discoloration of their teeth as they get older. There are several ways for teeth to become discolored – darkening of the teeth themselves, or discoloration from internal or external sources. 

Did you know:

  • Professional tooth whitening offers better and safer results. The dentist uses more effective whitening agents while protecting your enamel and surrounding tissue – teeth can brighten up to 10 shades in about an hour.
  • There are several options for professional tooth whitening. Dr. McArdle can work with you to evaluate your needs and recommend the best course.
  • Not everyone is a good candidate for tooth whitening; before recommending whitening, the dentist will carefully assess you and your teeth and recommend suitable alternatives if needed.

Smile Design

As part of our preventive services, at the time of your initial, comprehensive examination at our office, our hygienist performs a complete periodontal (gum) charting. At each subsequent dental prophylaxis (cleaning) the hygienist takes a periodontal screening and recording (PSR) score.  These readings combine to measure the health of the supporting structures (gum tissue and jaw bone) around your teeth. As this is done at each cleaning, it allows us to monitor your relative condition over time. our hygienist also places sealants and performs fluoride treatments for the prevention of decay.

At the time of your initial, comprehensive examination and at each subsequent oral examination (check-up), Dr. McArdle performs a complete head and neck assessment. This includes an oral cancer screening and a temperomandibular joint (TMJ) exam. At this time he also reviews your x-rays and periodontal condition to determine if referring you to a specialist is indicated.  Dr. McArdle always recommends that you use fluoride rinses at home.  At the time of your initial, comprehensive examination he may also perform an occlusal (bite) analysis and might advise that you have a nightguard made to prevent tooth wear and TMJ problems. Nightguards are protective appliances inserted at bedtime to prevent the problems that may occur when you grind your teeth during sleep.


Misaligned teeth aren’t just unsightly, they can cause real health issues including uneven or excessive wear, tooth loss, headaches, jaw pain, difficulty maintaining good hygiene, increasing tooth decay and gum disease. An alternative to traditional metal braces, Invisalign® offers effective, comfortable, and nearly invisible treatment for most straightening issues. Because the trays are removable, Invisalign® treatment also causes less disruption to your normal routine. Dr. McArdle is highly experienced and has specialized training in the Invisalign® process. To find out if you may be a good candidate for Invisalign®, Dr. McArdle’s office will be happy to schedule a consultation with the doctor to discuss your individual needs.

invisalign invisalign

We are pleased to offer Invisalign treatment so you too can have a beautifully aligned smile!

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