Reconstructive Dentistry

At some point, chances are you or your children will need some form of dental reconstruction to restore full oral health and functionality.

Restoring your Dental Health

Unlike preventive services, you can’t predict when you’ll need reconstructive services. Rest assured, as an expert in dental reconstruction, Dr. McArdle will partner with you and advise you on the best course to restore your dental health and function.

Reconstruction may be direct, meaning it is performed directly inside your mouth. Examples of direct reconstruction would be bonded or silver amalgam fillings. Another type of reconstruction is indirect. Indirect reconstruction occurs outside of the mouth and involves some type of fabrication to rebuild your tooth structure.  A crown, bridgework, implant supported crown, inlay, or onlay would all be examples of indirect reconstruction. Other related restoration services include treatment for jaw joint issues (TMD or temporomandibular dysfunction) or occlusal (bite) adjustment.

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