Preventive Dentistry

While brushing and flossing are the gold standard for preventing cavities, they are not always enough. Enter sealants – thin, protective coatings that adhere to the tooth’s surface (especially effective for hard-to-reach molars) that serve as an extra line of defense against tooth decay. The application process is quick, painless, and effective. In studies, sealants have been shown to reduce the risk of decay in molars by nearly 80%. While children and adults can both benefit from sealants, the best course is to start early, as first molars appear (around age 6). Keeping teeth cavity-free from the start will save time and money and the stress of more invasive dental procedures. Dr. McArdle may recommend sealants for you or your child; if you feel sealants might be a good option for you, please ask the doctor or your hygienist.

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