Infection Control in the Dental Office

  1. All clinical staff members and the doctor wear gloves, masks and safety goggles, or face shields for all invasive procedures. Hands are washed and a new pair of treatment gloves is used for each individual patient contact. Nothing beyond the treatment rooms is touched while wearing treatment gloves.
  2. Doctors and clinical staff wear scrubs professionally cleaned and clinical shoes. They do not wear their gowns and clinical shoes away from the office.
  3. Equipment nozzles, handles (including the handles for overhead lights), all work surfaces, x-ray heads, dental equipment and dental chairs are disinfected before and after each patient.
  4. All dental instruments that go in your mouth, including dental handpieces (drills), are sterilized in a steam autoclave or are disposable after a single use.
  5. All patients undergoing invasive procedures use a disinfectant oral rinse to prevent microbial contamination of the office environment.
  6. Our dental unit water lines are disinfected using a unit by Atlas Water Systems that emits ultraviolet light which is known to inhibit bacteria.

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